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Future market trend of fire-retardant cable products

Release time:2020-12-25 11:21:29Popularity:

1. Product technology has entered the era of standardization, and there are rules and laws to follow for fire and flame retardancy

       The wire and cable industry is the second largest industry in China after the automobile industry. The product variety satisfaction rate and domestic market share both exceed 90%. As one of the important cable product R&D and production bases, China currently has flame retardant and fire resistant , High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, low inductance and low noise, green environmental protection, low smoke and halogen free, anti-termite, anti-mouse, waterproof and moisture-proof series of cable products with unique performance and special structure, and have formed a certain degree of productivity. With the continuous improvement of the society’s requirements for security protection and system safety, through the extensive publicity, promotion and collaboration of the government, industry, and enterprises, special cable products with high performance and effective safety will surely be like the developed countries in the West. It is widely used in industrial systems.

       Industry standards are the foundation for industry and enterprise development, and product technical standards are an effective guarantee for product quality. With the increasing development and maturity of China's wiring industry, the national competent authorities are vigorously promoting the standardization of the wiring industry. At present, the formulation of technical standards for fire-retardant and flame-retardant cable products has been included in the work plan for the next stage. With the joint efforts of the government, industry and enterprises, the production and quality assurance of fire-retardant and flame-retardant cable products will have rules and laws to follow, and the technology and application of fire-retardant and flame-retardant cables will become more reliable. More specialized fields are advancing rapidly.

       2. Fire and flame retardant continue to heat up, leading companies emerge to occupy the mainstream market

       China's integrated wiring industry has grown in competition, and has formed a certain scale after decades of development. Driven by global economic integration, leading companies among different products in the industry will inevitably emerge, and industry concentration will continue to increase. Only when there is industrial concentration and leading enterprises in the industry, can the industry establish a common development concept. Only from the basic survival considerations, can enterprises enter the important perspectives of promoting the healthy development of the industry, such as scientific management, core technology, and core products, so as to avoid low-quality and low-end unfair competition. The chaotic competition of cable manufacturers of large and small, different good and bad, and some manufacturers in the industry who lacked technical strength and capital scale will gradually end the vicious competition for local interests and immediate survival.

       At present, the leading companies in the domestic fire and flame retardant industry have begun to take shape. The domestic fire and flame retardant cable market has formed a number of mainstream companies. These companies through continuous product extension and channel expansion, through continuous improvement of corporate management and team building, Whether in terms of brand influence, product quality improvement, and service standards, it has been increasingly accepted and affirmed by the industry and users. I believe that with the continuous improvement of industrial concentration and the continuous expansion of the production scale of such enterprises, the productivity generated by the scale will be fully reflected in the market, and cost-effective products and standardized services will surely occupy the cable market The vast majority of shares.

       3. The attention of users is continuously strengthened, and the service concept is improving

       Cable products bear important data, images and other information transmission tasks in buildings and engineering safety systems. Because users or engineering companies do not pay enough attention to the purchase of cable products, especially fire-retardant and flame-retardant cable products, it is not uncommon to encounter a series of problems that endanger lives and properties such as cables in a fire that can help combustion and even release poisonous gas. It has brought considerable losses and negative effects. Based on the profound lessons of the past, more and more users and engineering companies have gradually paid attention to the selection and correct use of cable types, and gradually changed the use of engineering, the price dominated the purchase of wiring and cable products. thought. Through the joint efforts and publicity of the government, industry, engineering companies, and manufacturing companies, the coexistence of high-end equipment and low-quality cables in engineering systems is becoming less and less, and the important role of fire-retardant and flame-retardant cables in engineering use is becoming more and more important. It has been truly recognized by everyone.

       In the future, the fire-retardant and flame-retardant cable manufacturing enterprises are not limited to providing simple products at the present stage. They will also strengthen the service concept while continuously extending the product chain, providing users with a full line of compatible products, and for the correct and reasonable use of the products. Provide full technical support and services, which will surely become the market development trend of the fire-retardant cable wiring industry.

       Fourth, the road to internationalization is unjustified

       "Being the world's cable company and building an international national brand in China's cabling industry" has become the current development goal and corporate mission of the industry. Under the guidance of this belief, China's cable products have been widely penetrated into multiple fields in various industries. Fire-retardant and flame-retardant cables have also been increasing with everyone’s attention to safety and the demand for international trends. International cooperation between enterprises and enterprises in advanced developed countries has been carried out in multiple directions. At present, several strong domestic cable companies have also followed the international trend of market development and have extensively promoted special cables such as fire-resistant and flame-retardant. Invested a large amount of funds for independent research and development. A few years ago, it has begun to formulate and launch a global development strategy. Through extensive cooperation and exchanges in technology, capital, management, etc., the introduction of advanced technology and management concepts from foreign companies has enabled the company to gain strength. Rapid improvement and development. And actively go out, seek the international market, increase product exports, and now a large number of fire-retardant cable products are exported to all parts of the world.

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