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Wire and cable naming method and model meaning

Release time:2020-12-25 11:16:15Popularity:

Principles and cases of naming wires and cables:

       The complete naming of wires and cables is usually more complicated, so people sometimes use a simple name (usually the name of a category) combined with model specifications to replace the complete name. For example, "low-voltage cable" represents all plastic insulation power of 0.6/1kV class. cable. The type spectrum of the wire and cable is relatively complete. It can be said that as long as the standard type and specification of the wire and cable are written, the specific product can be clarified, but what is its complete name?

       The naming of wire and cable products has the following principles:

       1. The content included in the product name  

       (1) Product application occasion or size category name  

       (2) Product structure material or type;   

       (3) Important features or additional features of the product  

       Basically named in the above order, sometimes in order to emphasize important or additional features, write the features before or before the corresponding structure description.

       2. The order of structure description  

       The product structure description is based on the principle from inside to outside: conductor --> insulation --> inner sheath --> outer sheath --> armor type.

       3. Simplify   

       Under the circumstance that will not cause confusion, some structural descriptions are omitted or abbreviated. For example, aluminum conductors are not allowed in automobile wires and flexible wires, so the conductor materials are not described.


       Rated voltage 8.7/15kV flame-retardant copper core XLPE insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed power cable  

       "Rated voltage 8.7/15kV"-use occasion / voltage level  

       "Flame retardant"-emphasized feature  

       "Copper core"-conductor material  

       "Cross-linked polyethylene insulation"-insulation material  

       "Steel tape armor"-armor layer material and type (double steel tape gap wrapping)   

       "Polyvinyl chloride sheath"——inner and outer sheath materials (the inner and outer sheath materials are the same, the inner sheath material is omitted)   

       "Power cable"-the category name of the product  

       The corresponding model is written as ZR-YJV22-8.7/15, and the writing of the model is described in the following.

       The distinction between wires and cables

       In fact, there is no strict boundary between "wire" and "cable". Generally, products with fewer cores, small product diameters, and simple structures are called wires, those without insulation are called bare wires, and the others are called cables; those with a larger conductor cross-sectional area (greater than 6 square millimeters) are called large wires. Small (less than or equal to 6 square millimeters) are called small wires, and insulated wires are also called cloth wires.

       The model composition and sequence of wires and cables are as follows:

       [1: Category, purpose]   

       [2: Conductor]   


       [4: inner protective layer]   

       [5: Structural features]   

       [6: Outer sheath or derivative]   

       [7: Make manganese 卣]   

       Items 1-5 and 7 are represented by pinyin letters, and polymer materials are represented by the first letter of the English name, and each item can be 1-2 letters; item 6 is 1-3 numbers.  

       The principle of omission in the model: copper is the main conductor material used in wire and cable products, so the copper core code T is omitted, except for bare wires and bare conductor products. Bare wires and bare conductor products, power cables, and magnet wire products do not indicate major category codes, and electrical equipment wires and cables and communication cables are also not listed, but subcategory or series codes are listed.  

       Item 7 is a mark for various special use occasions or additional special use requirements, marked with a pinyin letter after "-". Sometimes in order to highlight this item, write this item to the front. Such as ZR- (flame retardant), NH- (fire-resistant), WDZ- (low smoke and halogen-free, corporate standard), -TH (for hot and humid areas), FY- (termite-proof, corporate standard), etc.

       Power cable armor and outer sheath numbers

       Digital marking armor layer outer layer or outer sheath

       0 None---

       1 Interlocking armored fiber jacket

       2 Double-layer steel belt PVC jacket

       3 thin round steel wire polyethylene jacket

       4 thick round steel wire---

       5 wrinkle (rolling) steel strip ---

       6Double aluminum (or aluminum alloy) belt---

       7Copper wire braiding---

       8 steel wire braiding---

       Wire and cable product classification

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