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Anhui Exxon Technology Group will be dressed up at the 9th World Radar Expo in 2021

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The "Ninth World Radar Expo 2021", jointly sponsored by China Radar Association, China Electronics Technology and China Electronics, will be held in Nanjing International Expo Center from April 22-24, 2021. Anhui Exxon Technology Group Co., Ltd. Numerous new military products appeared on the scene of the expo.


Exhibition Introduction

"World Radar Expo" is approved by the Equipment Development Department of the Central Military Commission and serves as a guiding unit. It is an international and professional radar industry exhibition in China. As an important platform for the world's radar industry exchanges and cooperation and product display, the exhibition focuses on current and future hotspots and trends in the field of radar and electronic information engineering, and showcases new products and advanced technologies at home and abroad. This exhibition will exhibit two exhibitions as a whole. The museum, tens of thousands of square meters, has attracted more than 300 multinational companies, domestic military industry leaders, and large backbone groups from many countries and regions to participate in this exhibition and exchanges.



Exxon's exhibition site

As a representative of military cables for communications, aerospace, etc., Anhui Exxon Technology Group's products such as phase-stable cables, low-loss cables, smooth wrap-around cables, watertight cables, and photoelectric hybrid cables made important displays at the exhibition , Attracted a large number of terminal customers including electrical engineering, aviation, ships, weapons, etc. to stop and visit, and showed a strong interest in the company's products. During the exhibition, Exxon not only vigorously promoted the company’s products and technologies, but also visited other exhibiting companies’ technical products and communicated friendly with their personnel. In this two-way exchange and cooperation, they have a deeper understanding of product and technology research and development. , Which effectively promotes the progress and development of the company.



The relevant person in charge introduced to the guests in detail the new military wire and cable and component series products exhibited by our company. The visiting guests praised and affirmed Exxon’s research and development products in the military industry. The company’s various innovative products and technical highlights have been recognized by the industry. Wide attention and enthusiastic consultation within!



Part of the product introduction







As a private military industry enterprise, Anhui Exxon Technology Group Co., Ltd. fully demonstrated the research and development results of military products through this exhibition, which has been universally recognized by the industry, and brought great encouragement and confidence to Exxon, especially the light High-quality phase-stable cables and smooth-wrapped cables have achieved substantial weight reduction and performance improvement, and the company's image has been greatly improved, laying a good foundation for further opening up more military customers in the future. With the implementation of the exhibition, Anhui Exxon products will surely open a new chapter in the military market!

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